DSC01073.wzDECEMBER LYND is an artist and small business owner, currently based in Portland, Oregon.

December began freelance art and mural painting after high school, primarily painting murals for friends and family. The enthusiastic compliments and enjoyment that others shared upon viewing her work is what compelled her to begin creating art professionally, and led to what became her career. December started her current business, Bella Creativa, in 2004 while she was living in Denver, CO.  After a highly successful decade working with interior designers, architects, and personal clients, she relocated back to the Pacific Northwest where she feels truly at home.

Born an artist at heart, December studied art voraciously throughout high school and college, and is a true hands-on art enthusiast. In her spare time she enjoys working in her home-studio making illustrations, paintings, sculpture, henna tattoos, sewing, cooking, and playing piano.

December maintains and feeds her enthusiasm for her work through travel, both domestic and international, where she discovers new textures, designs, and techniques that she blends into her portfolio to share with clients. Some recent overseas trips include Italy, England, and Japan. December has had the pleasure of visiting all 50 States, and has lived in Oregon, Colorado, and Hawaii.





 •Licensed, Bonded, and Insured,  OR CCB# 208714


Services and Specialties

~Painted Cabinetry and Furniture

~Venetian Plasters, both Lime and Acrylic

~Faux Finishing and Decorative Painting for walls and ceilings

~Murals, Hand Painted Ornamentation, High-end Stenciling, Trompe l’Oeil

~Architectural Ornamentation/ Composition Ornament Application

~Custom Stretched Canvas Paintings, handmade frames built to suit



Owner, Bella Creativa; Denver, CO – est. 2004 – Present

Faux Finisher, Painting by Design; Denver, CO   2003 – 2004

Freelance Painter/Artist; Denver, CO and Portland, OR   1996 – 2003



Self Taught Artist and Faux Finisher – Always researching and learning new information and products

Trained and Certified from School of Applied Arts, Denver, CO 2003

Certified Faux Effects™ Finisher, Denver, CO; 2003

Certified Faux Effects™ Cabinetry finisher, Denver, CO; 2010

Specialized Training with acclaimed artists Pascal Amblard, Pierre Finkelstein, Nicola Vigini, and Sean Crosby 2004-2010

Member of the PDPA (Professional Decorative Painters Association)

Member of IDAL (International Decorative Artisan’s League)



“I am proficient in a comprehensive variety of Faux Finish applications, plasters, and paint techniques. I’ve been the business owner at Bella Creativa for the last 12 years, I most often am my own designer, foreman, worker, and quality control. I usually do most steps in the application process myself because I like to ensure meticulous attention to detail, however, I do also enjoy partnering with architects, designers, and artistic trades-people, I love to collaborate and create new ideas and techniques.”



*Available upon Request